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GT Tools® Quarter Cutter™ 35"

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The Quarter Cutter™ - 35in.
GT Tools® took the functionality of a long knife and transcended it into a new design that’s ready to devour urethane. The Quarter Cutter™ excels in cutting hard to reach corners and is perfect for quarter glass! Made from a durable aluminum body and knurled steel Power Handle, this tool can be driven through the urethane using a pushing motion; if that’s not good enough, use the Power Handle and a rubber mallet to slice through crusty old urethane!

Power Handle
This knurled steel handle is designed to leverage the cutting motion as a specialist pushes the knife through the urethane or uses a mallet to pound through tough situations.

Quick-Change Blade Design
The Quarter Cutter™ was engineered with a quick change blade design that accepts only GT Tools® widely used and recognized 3 X 10 inch standard, H1, or H2 Sheath Blades, along with the 1.5" x 10" and 3" x 10" round blades used with the GT.357, .45, .44, .38 Special reciprocating auto glass cutting tools. The 3" x 12" and 3" x 14" blades do not fit the Quarter Cutter. This design allows a specialist to slide the blade into the receiving end of the handle locking securely in place. Included with the tool is 1 – 3 X 10 inch Standard blade.

Reaching the Edge
The Quarter Cutter™ uses 6061 aluminum that measures 1.25 inches wide by 0.25 inches thick with a total length of 35 inches for extended reach. The aluminum is tapered where the blade secures into the tool allowing the bar stock to easily slide into the urethane.